John Scott Clubb

John Scott Clubb was born on April 29, 1875 in Halls Corners, NY. His parents were Alexander Clubb who immigrated from Scotland and Jane Scott Clubb who immigrated from England. They were each born in 1845. John Scott had one brother, Charles, who was a mathematical savant but limited in all other ways. Their father, Alexander, was a cooper and John Scott Clubb was expected to take up that trade. Family legend has that he would draw, presumably with charcoal, on the inside of the barrel lids. Supposed someone receiving one of those barrels remarked upon the art and he went to art school. John Scott Clubb married Kathryn Renwick in 1903 at Halls Corners, NY. They had one daughter, Elizabeth Renwick Clubb (Reed). Mr. Clubb worked for the Rochester Herald and later for Frank Gannett at the Times-Union. He died on Jan. 29, 1934. He is buried in the Little Church Cemetery in Stanley, NY.

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